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China News

On legislation:
Proposed amendments to the Marine Environmental Protection Law: Amendments being actively promoted
January 24, 2014
Implementation of management practices for freezing assets related to terrorist activities beginning January 10
January 17, 2014
Zhuhai introduces the China’s first local regulations for ecological development: Lifelong responsibility for damage to the ecological environment
January 14, 2014
Zhuhai introduces laws and regulations: Officials held liable for ecological damages for life
January 9, 2014
The Supreme Court introduces new regulations for disputes concerning food and drugs: An "upgrade" for consumer protection
January 9, 2014
Health and Family Planning Commission will promote legislation to control tobacco
January 8, 2014
Inner Mongolia will regulate the quality of soft fiber through local legislation
January 7, 2014

On national laws and regulations:

On local laws and regulations:
Resolution on Amending and Improving Fertility Policies by the Standing Committee of Shaanxi Provincial People's Congress
January 10, 2014

On judicial interpretations:

On foreign treaties:

On policy reference:

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