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Inner Mongolia will regulate the quality of soft fiber through local legislation

Originally by: Deng Hua
First published: 2014-01-07 15:33:53

A reporter learned from the Fiber Inspection Bureau of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region that recently the Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has considered and approved the "Approach for Quality Control and Management of Soft Fiber of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region" at a standing meeting. This is the nation's first local legislation that specializes in quality control and management of soft fiber.

Wang Li, the Chief of the Fiber Inspection Bureau for Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region said that this specialized approach establishes a unified inspection management system for fiber inspection bodies. In addition, it establishes a local inspection system to verify the quality of soft fiber, a purchase and storage system for cashmere, and quality control and inspection system for soft fibers, cashmere fiber sorting station and job training for agents, and other systems.

It is understood that Inner Mongolia is the country's main producer of soft fiber and the world's production base for cashmere. However, Inner Mongolia soft fiber industry is family-based with a low level of organization and stagnated information. The development of the soft fiber market is not perfect with farmers and herdsmen at a disadvantage in terms of market competition

In recent years, the acquisition of soft fiber has damaged the interests of farmers and herdsmen. It has not enforced quality standards for processing. The frequent occurrence of trading adulterated, poor, fake, or impure soft fiber to make inferior soft fiber products is against the interests of consumers and seriously disturbs normal market competition. It also restricts the development of the soft fiber industry in Inner Mongolia

Wang Li said that the approach will establish regulatory system for the quality of soft fiber through local legislation. This will also ensure the quality of the soft fiber, maintain order in the soft fiber market, protect the lawful rights and interests of the producers and operators of soft fiber, and play a propelling role in supporting and regulating the development of a healthy industry that specializes in wool and cashmere.

Source: Xinhua News Agency
Senior Editor: Chen Xiujun

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